Supply Chain

All the buzzwords come to mind when Supply Chain Management is discussed. We’ve all heard of “just in time” and “dock to stock”. In theory these systems all make sense, in reality they are often not implemented successfully. Prime Krew has years of experience refining supply chain management so that it keeps up with your customers demand while not costing your company valuable dollars in the investment of systems, facilities and most of all, excess inventory.  Most consultants only specialize in one link of the supply chain. Their assistance may strengthen a weak link but develop additional pressures in other areas in the chain that can negatively affect superior customer performance.

Prime Krew’s team of experts review the entire supply chain, analyzing all links, from the vendor, through the inbound carrier, to and through your distribution center, through your outbound carrier and finally to your customer.

Our team can help you tailor your purchasing requirements and effectively produce the cost effective means to assure superior customer performance. Our methods review and continually modify the process to meet the ever-changing business environment.  Through the use of sophisticated forecasting methods, Prime Krew can establish minimum inventory levels and improve inventory turns.

Prime Krew will also develop the necessary management “exception” reporting required to keep executives informed of current operating performance and to identify the ever shifting variances created by market demand.  Bottom line, Prime Krew is primed to develop a solution to your supply chain needs.