Prime Krew Inc. has experience in today’s business environments. Our clients are in diverse markets and range in size from startup to multi-billion dollar corporations. These “hands on” experiences can help you realize increased profits through process and technology improvements. Let us plan and launch strategic initiatives to grow your business.

  • Sales without Profit is insanity  Sales performance without also concentrating on operating income is foolhardy.  All sales efforts, focus, training and compensation must be tied to margin contribution.
  • Acknowledge efforts, but reward results  Hard work should be acknowledged and appreciated, but results are the only thing that can be rewarded.
  • Quantify  All general statements of issues and trends must be quantified to be sure that minor annoying issues do not occupy excessive management time.
  • Match structure with strategy  Organization structure (people, time and money) must be in place to effectively execute a strategy.
  • Don’t just do things right, do the right things right  Doing things right is a good first step, but focusing efforts on the real issues is the key to becoming a high performing organization.
  • Open, honest, candid confrontational communication  Effectiveness of teams rises proportionally to the effectiveness of communication.
  • Inverted pyramid leads to empowerment that leads to superior customer performance  People on the “front line” work for the customer.  Everyone else in the organization is there to support their efforts.
  • Don’t accept less than you expect  Accepting performance less than you expect leads to continued sub-par performance.  Effective leaders clearly communicate expectations and accept nothing less.
  • When hiring – say to yourself would I work for this person